Cybex has expanded its range of pushchairs with the launch of the e-Priam, an electronic version of its popular Priam travel system.


We've already seen pushchairs with an electronic folding system, but Cybex has integrated a motor into the new e-Priam to help you over hilly and rough terrains.

Like the original Priam it comes as a complete travel system, so you can use the e-Priam frame with the LUX or LITE carrycot and an infant car seat.

The e-Priam is not out until July but we've a sneak peek at what you can expect....


What are the best features of the Cybex e-Priam?

One of the main features of the e-Priam is its smart uphill support feature. As you push the stroller the sensors in the handlebar detect how much your pushing and pulling. This causes a motor to kick in which assists you on inclines.

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You don't need to put in a lot of effort before the motor kicks in and compared to the original Priam, it requires much less effort when you're going up or down a hill.

What's more, if you use your pushchair on rough terrain such as country paths it also comes with a smart uneven surface support feature. This can be turned on and off by the power button on the rear axle, depending on when you need a little extra help.

The e-Priam is battery powered and can cover approximately 8-45km depending on your load and terrain. However the batteries will take around 6 hours to fully charge according to Cybex.


How much does the Cybex e-Priam cost?

The e-Priam will be available to buy from July and will start from £1199. In comparison, you can buy the original Priam pushchair from around £800 depending on any additional extras you choose such as a carrycot.

And in terms of design it's is almost identical to the original Priam with a similar selection of colours with four different frames in rose gold, chrome with brown or black details and matte black.

What do you think of the e-Priam? Keep an eye out for our in-depth review when it launches in July!




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