We’ve had a lot of laughs over the past year here at MFM HQ – at everything from celeb rants and viral hashtags to funny mums and unfortunate photos ?


Here are just some of the most hilarious stories to tickle us in 2017…

Stacey Solomon’s bikini body ‘tribute’


While on holiday, TV regular Stacey took to her Instagram story to find some, erm, rather creative uses for her muffin top and mum tum…

A truly funny and, also, really inspiring vid. We loved it, Stace ?

The ‘funny shadow’ family photo


Ahh, we’ve seen a few like these in 2017. Our faves are definitely this one, above, and another where the kids tricked mum into spelling a VERY similar word during a happy family photo sesh.

More like this

Never gets old ?

Sketchy Muma draws our lives


If you can’t laugh at yourself, you certainly can’t laugh at anyone else!

That’s exactly why we got a good giggle from these oh-so-relatable drawings from ‘grammer Sketchy Muma about the ins-and-outs of mum and mum-to-be life.



As above, we know how to laugh at ourselves, and we know that when we’re pregnant, sometimes we’re a burgeoning bundle of hormones and hilarious demands.

That’s why the Twitter hashtag #pregnantwife went viral, and why we truly enjoyed watching a plethora of dads-to-be let off some steam, in 140 characters or less ?

Jason Manford comes for Paw Patrol


Funnyman Jason tackled many a parent’s gripe with beloved cartoon Paw Patrol in a lengthy, tongue-in-cheek Facebook rant.

Here’s a sample: "Oh and I know cartoons are about selling toys, but adding that Paw Patroller massive truck half way through season two was just blatant!

"And it's about 80 quid! With pups sold separately! So thanks for that.

"Anyway, I'm not complaining, The Paw Patrol are like another parent in this house.”

Tee hee ?

Comedian recreates ‘sexy mum nap’ pic


A sleeping Jenna Dewan Tatum, mum of one, featured in a rather eye-popping nap photo on Instagram.

Not so funny, really, because our naps certainly feature way more dressing gowns, under-eye circles and occasionally, a little drip of drool.

And just like in comedian Celeste Barber’s recreation, they often taken place on the sofa, face down, with a toddler trying desperately to wake us up...

Olivia Wilde’s optical illusion


The comedy value in this one isn’t slap-your-knee hilarity, but it’s perfect as one of those funny childhood photos you’ll bring up as your little one gets older, time and time again.

It looks like Olivia’s 2nd child, baby Daisy, has something unusual going on there, doesn’t it?

Fearne Cotton’s fart story


Team MFM are not immune to fart jokes – at least when it comes to our kids and the somewhat inopportune moments they decide to let one rip.

Just ask Fearne Cotton, whose youngest picked a particularly silent moment during her elder brother’s school play, to pump rather loudly.

Kids, eh? ????

Images: Instagram

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