Stacey Solomon’s brilliantly funny tribute to her bikini-clad mumbod

The Loose Women presenter shares a much-needed message about summer body confidence...


It’s official: Stacey Solomon is beach body goals ???


And it’s NOT because she looks amazing (even though she does) – but because the way she’s talking about her bikini-clad mum physique is exactly the kind of the language we wanna hear!

Stacey’s most recent Instagram video shows her listing the 3 things she loves about her bikini body, and they’re all what some judgy types would deem her ‘imperfections’:

First things first is her ‘muffin top’ – which she professes is great for lying comfortably on a stone floor as well as being ‘insulating’.

Secondly, the mum-of-2 proclaims her love for her ‘saggy boobies’ – something she’s done several times in the past – and then uses them as a bag to carry an ice pop and a pair of sunnies ?

Finally, Stacey shows off the (teeny) stretch marks on the side of her tum, before letting sons Leighton and Zachary loose with a black pen all over her body.

“Of course, stretch marks provide hours of entertainment for the children!” she jokes, lying in the floor, submitting to her new role as human canvas. “Look at them, they’ve never been happier!”

Now, Stacey’s long been an advocate for embracing your mumbod and accepting it for what it is – but it seems this particular message is aimed those of us who are feeling self-conscious about our figures as we head off on hot summer holidays.


“You’re all perfectly imperfect and unique and beautiful. I thought I’d make a little holiday video celebrating my society-labelled “imperfections” because actually I love them. They’re part of me, and they have their uses!

“I think if we can all show off our insecurities then we will all start realising NOBODY escapes the world of perfection that we are all under pressure to keep up with, and everyone can sleep a little easier at night knowing everyone comes in different shapes sizes etc etc.

“We all have the same extra-ordinary bits that are seen as ‘imperfections’ but they’re not – they all tell a story of who we are and why we are and where we are going! ???”

You know, we just can’t get enough of Stacey’s amazingly sunny attitude to her mumbod ?

And we hope that, as the last few weeks of summer roll past, some of her positivity ends up being contagious.


Image/Video: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

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