Gwen Stefani’s son – just 4 years old and already a heartthrob!

Kingston Rossdale swaps numbers with girl in the playground

With his cool bleached Mohawk hairdo and super stylish mum and dad, it’s little surprise that mini fashionista Kingston Rossdale is becoming something of a mini ladies man.


The cute 4-year-old seems to have been practicing his chat up lines (after being egged on by his dad Gavin Rossdale!), and was spotted swapping numbers with a girl at the Coldwater Canyon playground in Los Angeles.

After coming over all shy beforehand, Kingston’s dad stepped in and encouraged his eldest son to talk to the girl, who looked a little older than Kingston. After overcoming his blushes, Kingston was seen swapping digits on his iPhone.

The boys then headed back home where Gavin was overheard saying, “That was a big moment… It was like watching him tie his shoes for the first time.”



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