Helen Skelton and Janet Jackson’s VERY high-end pushchair picks

The BBC Presenter and legendary pop icon have both been spotted with luxe new buggies...


BBC presenter Helen Skelton looked cool and casual on a family stroll post the birth of her 2nd baby.


The 33-year-old shared a snap of the outing on Instagram, which revealed that her newborn is being pushed in a BabyStyle Egg stroller.

The Egg is becoming a popular choice for celeb mums – Billie Faiers was spotted with the cream/tan version just a couple of weeks ago.

It’s no surprise really, given its stylish exterior, the cost (£878 including the carrycot) and the fact it comes highly rated by other mums – out MFM reviewer gave it an impressive 5 out of 5 stars. 

It even seems Helen is making use of the spacious storage underneath.

A lovely choice ?

You can read the full MFM BabyStyle Egg review here.

Which buggy is Janet Jackson pushing?

janet jackson stokke trailz

Meanwhile, legendary pop icon (and new mum) Janet Jackson also took her little one for a stroll through one of London’s parks.

The 50-year-old star was spotted pushing 3-month-old son Eissa in a black Stokke Trailz pram.

The Trailz is a ‘robust yet elegant’ buggy, known for its cosy carrycot, and having a high-placed positioned seat like other Stokke counterparts.

The Trailz is also known for being pretty big, even when folded down – our MFM reviewer struggled to fit it in her hallway or in the back of her Micra – but something tells us Janet is probably driving around something a bit bigger than a Micra ?

For Janet’s grassy walk, the buggy’s air-filled tyres and 3 wheels will probably have helped her travel across any tricky terrain, which is something our reviewer noted, too.

The Trailz is a pretty luxurious buggy, no question. But, of course, it comes with the price tag to match. Including the newborn carrycot, it tots up to around £1200 ?

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Images: Instagram/Helen Skelton

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