Holby City actress Rosie Marcel has talked about the details of giving birth to her baby girl just over a week ago. Rosie, who plays Jac Naylor in the BBC hospital drama, welcomed Beau Marcel Stacey, weighing 6lb 10oz on 21 January.


The TV doctor had a caesarean because of a rare blood disorder. "Beau's birth wasn't really like an episode of Holby City - not much!" she told Hello! magazine. Rosie reveals that despite having a team of 10 looking after her during the caesarean, it was a painful experience.

"Beau's hand and foot came out first and the surgeon had to turn her around to bring her out. It was pretty violent," she revealed. "Apparently I was very inappropriate and was shouting for drugs and screaming blue murder."

But there was a moment of relief when a consultant "walked into the operating theatre with the music from Holby playing in his pocket". The 37-year-old actress, who's played icy heart surgeon Jac in the TV drama since 2005, had to smile at that!


Last year, Rosie suffered a miscarriage just at the time that her character Jac was giving birth on the show.

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"It was the worst timing," she said at the time. "Because while my character was giving birth, I knew I was pregnant and had this feeling that it was going wrong.

"I certainly blamed myself because you think of all the things you've done wrong. As a woman, you feel like you've failed. I went down the rabbit hole, as others do. I felt terribly sorry for myself and it was difficult to pick myself up."

When Jac was ready, she and gym owner husband Ben Stacey started trying for a baby again, but each month she found she wasn't pregnant.

"I had done so many pregnancy tests during the eight months we'd been trying hard for a baby that I fully expected it to come back negative as it always did." Except this time it was positive - just 2 days before Jac was about to start IVF fertility treatment.

And now the new mum says she's determined to breastfeed her newborn wherever she is. "We all have a right to breastfeed and if anyone asks me to leave a restaurant, they'll get the Jac Naylor side of me," says Rosie. That would be a brave person indeed.

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