It’s definitely been a good week so far for pop star pregnancy announcements - and it's only Tuesday!


A former Spice Girl has announced she's expecting her 2nd child, and Take That’s Howard Donald has revealed he’s about to become a dad for the 4th time. The announcement comes just 9 months after his wife Katie gave birth to their first son together.

Baby Bowie was born in January 2016 and their new baby is due just 13 months later - in February 2017.

So the new arrival and their older sibling will be very close in age ?

The new arrival will also have some older siblings too: Howard also has a 17-year-old daughter, Grace, and an 11-year-old daughter, Lila, from previous relationships.

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48-year-old Howard shared the happy baby news to his loyal Twitter fan base, even revealing Katie’s due date.

However, there was one part of impending fatherhood he didn’t seem completely sold on…

"Guess what? Me and Katie are happy to announce we will have our 2nd child in Feb. Yay! No more sleep for another 2 years!?” he joked.

Enjoy those naps while they last, guys ?

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