So, here at MFM we love a good photo shoot, be it birth, pregnancy, newborn or beyond.


And more and more people are going for 4D scans of their babies too, so they have a record of what their little one looked like before they were even born.

But how about this as something to pop in the family photo album: a photo shoot marking your little one's life when he or she was just an embryo.

Yep, you read that right ?

That's just what the Clarks from Oregon, USA, did. They had gone through IVF, and during the process decided to move house.

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The clinic where their eggs were stored offered to have the embryos shipped to a new clinic - nearer to their new address.

But, Samantha Clark told Scary Mommy, "We had just watched several viral videos of FedEx drivers throwing packages over fences… so I said NO WAY!”

Instead, the couple decided to transport the embryos which were in a metal tank, themselves - and did a little family photo shoot with them on the way.

They took the precious load to the park and got some shots on the slide and playing baseball - and then paid a visit to grandma and grandad.

They even took them to pick out their first Christmas tree ?

Now, for anyone worrying about the safety of all of this - in terms of keeping the embryos frozen and viable - it's all good.

The embryologist told the Clarks they were OK for 2 days in the metal tank - and the couple did the shoot in around 4 hours.

But don't just take our word for it... the proof of the pudding is that Samantha went on to give birth to healthy happy TRIPLETS!

Awwwwww ❤️

Images: Samantha and Mickey Clark on Facebook

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