IVF for 59-year-old woman

Sue Tollefsen is the oldest person to be offered fertility treatment in the UK


A Harley Street women’s clinic has come under fire after approving a 59-year-old woman for IVF treatment, despite guidelines stating it unsuitable for women over 50.


Sue Tollefsen, who is no stranger to IVF, gave birth to her daughter Freya (now 2 years old) using the fertility treatment. However, she had to travel to Russia to have it done after doctors in the UK refused to approve it. Now Sue wants a sibling for her daughter, and it seems to be second time lucky.

After being turned down by fertility specialists around the UK, Sue’s husband, Nick Mayer approached the London Women’s Clinic, which approved the treatment. However, the couple will have to go through a strict process before the IVF can start.

Despite causing an ethical debate on whether she’s too old to have fertility treatment, Sue believes that her age isn’t a barrier, even if she will soon reach pensioner age. “I feel as fit as a fiddle approaching 60 and I’m confident that I could have a child, despite my age. Obviously, I do worry that when he or she reaches their 10th birthday, I’ll be 70,” she has said.

The current guidelines for IVF treatment means that women over 40 do not qualify on the NHS, while private clinics usually draw the line at 50. However, the Harley Street clinic “does not rule out the treatment of women over 50 and considers each case on its merits.”


Do you think Sue is too old to become a mum again? Or do you think everyone should be able to choose? Let us know below…

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