Pregnant Jacqueline Jossa’s post-scan panic: ‘Will my baby look like me?’

The 12-week scan for her surprise pregnancy was an emotional rollercoaster for mum-to-be Jacqueline...


EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa is pregnant with her 2nd child – and couldn’t look happier in her bump-reveal mag cover ?


The 25-year-old and husband Dan Osborne, 26, admitted to OK! that they weren’t exactly expecting the pregnancy, so the joyful news didn’t quite sink in until the 3-month scan.

But the 12-week scan turned out to be pretty emotional, and left Jacqueline with a few worries about her unborn baby.

Speaking to OK!, she shared: “The first thing I thought was, [the foetus] doesn’t look like Ella, which made me feel sad.

“I know it’s ridiculous because you can’t really tell what they look like from a 3-month scan, but it made me feel quite emotional because Ella looks so much like me and I’m worried this baby won’t.”

In addition to thinking she won’t see herself in the new baby, she also confessed that her all-encompassing love for her 2-year-old Ella has left her feeling unsure if she has any more love left to give.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how I could possibly love this child as much as Ella,” she continued.

“But I Googled it and saw a lovely saying – mothers don’t halve their love, they double it. That put my mind at rest a bit.”

Of course, it goes without saying that every parent-to-be’s top concern in the scan room is the health of their unborn child. That doesn’t mean these niggling worries won’t creep into our heads, too, right?

We reckon it’s natural – and we’re sure there are loads of mums who can relate to the worry that you won’t be able to love your 2nd as much as your 1st.

One of the mums on our team – who has a young daughter – agrees. It has crossed her mind that if she were to have another child, where would the love come from?

As for Jacqueline’s concern about baby no 2’s family resemblance, we can see why this is a big thing for her – little Ella is her spitting double, and she’s no doubt used to having a mini-me by now.

Plus, hubby Dan’s son Teddy, from a previous relationship, is his mini-doppelganger, too.

We’d be curious to know if any of you have felt the same way as Jacqueline when it comes to having your little one look just like you?

We hope you’ll share on Facebook, or in the comments below if you’d prefer!

Image: Instagram/Jacqueline Jossa

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