Just four months after giving birth and mum-of-two Jessica Alba is looking amazing as she poses on the cover of the Australia’s edition of In Style magazine (look below!). But she admits motherhood isn’t all rosy.


Even Jessica Alba struggled being a first-time mum. Jessica revealed that she it hard at first after giving birth to her eldest girl, Honor, 3.

But the actress, who is also mum to 4-month-old Haven, admitted her struggle only made being a mum easier the second time around.

"I'm more relaxed. Every sneeze or runny nose or little bump on the head that would have freaked me out before…I am more easygoing with that sort of thing,” said Jessica, reports Austraila’s In Style.

“And the sense of knowing that I can get Haven to stop crying. It was all new with Honor and I wasn't confident, and she could feel that so she continued to cry. That didn't happen a lot, but when it happened I felt like I would crack," Jessica added.

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The honest 30-year-old mum, who also admitted having a nanny around to help her and husband Cash Warren, said being a working mum comes with having moments when it all seems too much.

"It's overwhelming. I don't consider myself a lot of the time. I think a lot of mums do that, try to be everything to everyone all the time. I make mistakes. I do try to do way too much," Jessica said.

Thank goodness she has Cash! Jessica gushed about her happy home life. "He's totally great and a real hands-on dad. He's just such a nice, good person...His biggest thing is that he doesn't like the idea of them growing up and dating! He's kidding, but I can tell he's kind of thinking of the future already," said Jessica.

Jessica added that becoming a mum has completely changed her outlook in life.

“I really came into myself as a person. Before, I was always working for my identity. And then you take the focus off of yourself. I was probably—definitely—a bit of a narcissist,” Jessica explained.

“When you are young and an actor and driven, it's a bizarre state of mind to be in at times…Working was everything to me, my entire identity, and once I got to step away from it, everything changed," said Jessica.

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