Kendra: my ‘crazy’ pregnancy cravings

Ex-Playboy bunny has a thing for devilled eggs and pickles


Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett has been having some seriously strange food cravings during her second pregnancy.


“I have a lot of crazy cravings. I Tweet about them all the time!” the former Playboy bunny told E! News at the premiere of Frozen in LA.

The reality TV star recently Tweeted that she was craving hearts of palm (a type of vegetable that tastes a bit like artichoke) as well as “devilled eggs, pickle-y flavors…Not chicken!”

Kendra, who attended the premiere with her husband Hank Baskett and three-year-old son Hank, also said that she’s feeling “amazing”.

“I’ve been slowly getting back into my workout routine,” she said. “I actually have a better habit working out and eating good now than I did before. So, I’m off to a good start!” 

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