Mel B gave birth to her third daughter only three weeks and is now juggling her newborn with her celebrity career as a judge and mentor on the Australian X Factor. While that sounds like plenty already, the former Spice Girl is also trying to lose her post-baby weight.


"Working out with my trainer, baby in the stroller, who said mothers can't have it all!" tweeted Mel B this morning, with this great pic.

By the looks of it, Mel is already in great shape. She is currently living in Australia with husband Steven Belafonte, their newborn Madison and Mel's daughters, Phoenix, 12, and Angel, 4, from previous relationships.

"She planned to hit the gym before the shows, but didn't feel the urge. After the initial immediate weight loss of the birth, she lost a stone and is now a [UK] size 12, but the weight isn't falling off like she thought it would," said a source, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

"Mel isn't on a super-strict diet, just a low-carb, high-fibre plan. She's given herself eight weeks to get back into her favourite outfits," the source reportedly added.

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Mel isn't the first Spice Girl to up her dieting regime after giving birth. Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, reportedly tried out all sorts of diets, including the famous "Five-hands diet". Mel's health kick hasn't got her spirits down though - the singer apparently joked that "she always has a better body after a baby than before!" No wonder Mel B has been speaking about wanting more children in the future with Stephen!

"I want some more. I love kids. I say if you can have kids, have them, and if not, adopt. Helping an underprivileged kid is a good thing. You can change someone's life who is already here," said Mel, reports

Mel also admitted if she does have more children, her daughter Phoenix hopes one will be a boy.

"Phoenix is over the moon but I think she'd still like a boy, so maybe we'll try again in a few years," said Mel.

We wonder if Mel will end up trying out some old wives' tales in order to boost her chances of having a boy? Maybe she should chant "Think boy! Think boy!" like Ben Affleck has been wishing on his pregnant wife Jennifer Garner!

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