Peter Andre: Amelia, 4 months, is a ‘dream child’ who sleeps through

Peter Andre reveals that his baby daughter with fiancée Emily MacDonagh is already sleeping through the night


We always knew that celebs lead very different lives to the rest of us – and Peter Andre’s new family set-up is no exception, judging by daughter Amelia’s sleep patterns.


Pete’s 4-month-old daughter with medical student Emily MacDonagh is already sleeping through, apparently, which her singer and presenter dad puts down to a “good routine”.

“[Amelia] is a dream child at the moment and is sleeping all the way through,” Pete told OK! magazine. “So I’m getting all the rest I need apart from the odd night.

‘She’s settled down so much now: credit to her mum for getting her into such a good routine.”

We want to know their secret!

If you’ve got a 4-month-old yourself and are now struck with (very sleep-deprived) envy, take some comfort from the knowledge that you’re definitely not alone. The average 4-month-old does sleep for 10 hours a night but not usually in one stretch – and most babies this age still wake at least once for a middle-of-the-night feed.

When did your baby sleep through the night? Do post a comment and let us know!

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