Seeing a new baby scan can be a truly special moment.


And we confess – we absolutely love when mums share their unique scan pics, like this mum who saw her grandmother’s face in her unborn baby.

We can’t forget this infamous pic, either, on which some commenters claimed to see a mermaid.

There are (fortunately) no mermaids in pregnant model and former Celebrity Big Brother star Sallie Axl’s latest baby scan - but there was a bit of a surprise.

It's really quite incredible… and something we don’t think we’ve seen before.

It looks like Sallie’s baby girl is blowing a bubble!


“This little lady though ❤️❤️❤️ another scan pic another pout,” she wrote beside the scan on Instagram.

“Loved seeing her blowing bubbles the other day. I'm so happy I'm having her #newbaby #savannah-Blu #esme.”

Sallie’s currently 8 months pregnant. She revealed that she’s due in July, and that her daughter will be called Savannah-Blu.

Sallie’s already mum to 5-year-old daughter Nirvana (pictured below), and she says she's looking forward to having a little sister.


Congrats, Sallie!

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Images: Instagram/Sallie Axl

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