Proof that pregnancy really is contagious?

Seven pregnancies in a year and a half, and the common link is one office chair!


Seven receptionists working in a hotel reception have all fallen pregnant within 18 months of each other after sitting on the same chair.


Elaine Ledster, Kim Gidley, Laura Burchill and Gina Ripley have all had baby boys after sitting on the blue seat. Their colleagues Alyce Grisley, Claire Fitchett and Seran Daines are also now mums-to-be. All seven women either had a son or are expecting a son.

“The chair is just a typical office swivel chair, but now we have staff refusing to sit on it. We first started joking that if anyone wants a baby boy they should come and take a seat on our fertility chair, but now it’s so surreal that it’s happening every time,” said Giles Shaw, general manager at the Best Western Moore Palace Hotel.


Have you ever had a spate of office pregnancies? Let us know below…  

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