Sam Faiers snaps back at critics of pull-ups: “It’s what works for us”

The star's recent Huggies partnership left some fans questioning her decision to use nappy pants in potty training


ITVBe’s The Mummy Diaries star Sam Faiers has caused quite the stir with her latest Instagram partnership.


In a sponsored post on her personal page, Sam shared that she’d be using Huggies pull-ups in her journey to potty train her 21-month-old son Paul.

“Baby number two is on the way… so we’re also thinking about potty training with Paul!” she began.

“He’s showing some of the signs of readiness so we’re going to give it a go. We’re going to use HUGGIES Pull-Ups potty training pants and their 6 Steps to Potty Success.

“It will give baby Paul independence and me and daddy Paul more confidence to potty train with ease! #6stepstopottysuccess #pottytraining #Huggiespullups #mummy #daddy #ad”

However, some of the former TOWIE star’s 1.9million followers questioned whether going from nappies to pull-ups was the best way to go about potty training.

Instead, some suggested that it might be “confusing” for toddler Paul, and that Sam would be better off taking a more direct, nappy-less approach.

“You don’t need pull-ups as confusing,” one commenter wrote. “Just potty trained my just 2 year old boy, left him without a nappy for a couple of days, then introduced pants and then trousers/shorts, he got it in just over a week and always asks to go now.”

While another Instagrammer chimed in: “It’s every mummy’s own way but nappies will just set your child back…

“It’s all about just putting him in at the deep end and letting him go free that way he will get used to the potty without thinking he needs nappy.”

paul faiers

Responding to one of many commenters saying things along the same lines, Sam defended the use of pull-ups, writing:

“We have found it really helps. He even pulls them on his self now. Each child is different I guess.”

And in response to this blunt comment: “I wouldn’t use pull ups. It’s just a pointless step. Straight to pants. Pull ups is a pointless hurdle.”

Sam quickly snapped back with: “I disagree, that may have worked for you, but this works for us.”

Of course, there were many mums commenting defending Sam’s right to make her own parenting decisions, and rightly pointing out that every child is different ✔️

But a few more then chimed in to suggest that Paul, a few months off being 2, was too young to start potty training, anyway…


Are pull-ups a hindrance when it comes to potty training?

We quite like the approach of diving in and going straight from nappies to grown-up pants and the potty, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t uses for pant-style nappy products, like the Huggies ones Sam’s using.

For example, when they’re still in nappies but they’re not so keen to lie down during the nappy change, these are great. Check out our MadeForMums Awards rated pull-ons for some of the best.

When is too young to start potty training?

As for whether or not your child’s even ready to start potty training, we’d suggest you take a look at this checklist of signs that they’re good to go.

It’s not so much about age as it is about making sure it’s clear they’re ready, and showing most of if not all of the readiness signs.

And finally, like Sam said, there’s also an element of following your instincts and figuring out what works best for you, your child and your specific situation.

Images: Instagram/Sam Faiers

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