Samantha Womack wishes she was pregnant all the time

EastEnders actress reveals she wants more babies and misses being pregnant

EastEnders actress Samantha Womack loved being pregnant so much, she’s planning more children. The mum-of-two spoke about motherhood after finding her difficult EastEnders storyline a challenge.


“When Ronnie found her baby dead, I had to stop filming for a bit as I couldn’t stop crying,” Samantha told Now magazine.

The actress has two children with husband Mark, and is hoping for more in the future. “I love being pregnant. I would like to spend less time worrying about money and to be constantly pregnancy,” she said.

On the subject of more children, Samantha said, “My husband Mark and I make such great ones it would be criminal not to make another! But I’ve promised Mark that I won’t yet…”


Sounds like Sam might soon be following her fellow British celebs into maternity wear in the not so distant future…

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