There’s nothing like popping on a face mask to make your skin feel like it’s silky smooth and totally glowing ?


And the Korean ‘sheet mask’ is the mask to end all masks - loved by celebs like Adele and Lady Gaga, and waxed lyrical about by beauty sites like Marie Claire.

Now, thanks to a brand called Hatch Mama in the US, you can also get one of these uber-moisturising sheet masks for your baby bump ?

Sadly they’re not available yet in the UK – but they cost about $12, and apparently help to minimise bump stretch marks.

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sheet masks for baby bumps

They’re even designed for post-baby bumps, as they also claim to help soften inflamed scar tissue if you’ve had a C-section.

Using oils and creams to keep your skin as hydrated and smooth as poss while it stretches out bumpwards is nothing new, and some women really do find it helps.

So, we’d definitely be curious to give one of these new masks a go ?

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Images: Hatch Mama

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