Mum-of-2 Stacey Solomon’s always been open with the public about her experience with pregnancy, motherhood and mum-shaming.


And during a recent episode of ITV’s daytime chat show Loose Women, Stacey revealed she didn’t know she was pregnant with her 1st son, 8-year-old Zachary, until she was 21 weeks along.

Speaking to the Loose Women panel, she also said the idea of pregnancy ‘never entered her head’, because she was still having irregular periods, as reported by OK!.

"When I was pregnant with Zach (aged 17), I had no idea I was pregnant until my step-mum came up to me and said: 'You look pregnant!"

"I was smelling things and I felt really ropey, really not great! I could smell everything...I was only 17.

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"I would be sitting in a café… dad, is dad eating onions? Someone's eating onions..."

Putting down changes in her body and her irregular periods to “just being a teenager”, Stacey admitted: “I really didn’t notice.”

"In the end, my step-mum took me to the doctors and I was 21 weeks pregnant. I had no idea.

"It was really weird, because at that point, I couldn't comprehend what was happening, it was such a huge thing and I was really young."

And though Stacey admitted she had looked into having a termination, she also said: “I didn't have time to do much about it, I only had 19 weeks left!”

Fortunately, having Zach turned out to be the ‘best decision’ of Stacey’s life, and a few years later she welcomed his little brother, now 4-year-old Leighton.

Her comments really got us thinking about which stage in pregnancy most of us find out we're expecting.

Did you know straight away with a gut feeling, before you even took a test (like Kimberley Walsh did)? Or did you twig when one of the early pregnancy symptoms showed up?

Or were you more like Stacey - unaware for a while, but now looking back you can see the signs were there?

We’d love to know your story. Tell us on Facebook.

Images: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

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