It goes without saying that Stacey Solomon is a slim and gorgeous lady, right?


But the 28-year-old mum of 2 isn’t afraid to show off one part of her body that makes her even more gorgeous in our eyes: her mumtum.

On a sunny beach holiday with her homeschooled sons, 10-year-old Zachary and 5-year-old Leighton, Stacey took to Instagram to share a family snap – in which she’s wearing a bikini.

And addressing her ‘normal’ figure, she wrote beside the pic:

“Normal bodies rule! Happy Monday... if you need some realistic motivation ?? #Nofilter #PerfectlyImperfect #WeAreBeautuful #mondaymotivation”


This is far from the first time Stacey’s gone out of her way to celebrate the changes motherhood has brought to her body…

She clapped back at the papers for shaming her ‘saggy maggies’, she shared an unedited bikini shoot for a celeb mag, and even made a totally LOL vid pointing out all the ‘uses’ for her bikini bod ?

And though our mumtums may be a tad less toned than Stacey’s, we just can’t get enough of her laidback and honest attitude.

It seems her fans can’t, either. In the comments about her post, a fellow new mum gushed:

“Love this!! ?? All us mums know how the stomach area really never is the same again.

“Even if you hit the same weight it sort of has this empty balloon look when you relax.

“Thank you for this you look beautiful and hopefully i will remember to be less hard on myself!”

Indeed, Stacey’s inspiring us all to embrace ourselves as we are now... but she’s also inspiring us to get a summer holiday booked ASAP.

Look at all that sun ???


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Images: Instagram/Stacey Solomon