Tesco’s baby grow spelling mistakes are a bit awkward

We're all for a slogan tee but shouldn't they be spelt right?


When you’re making a baby grow with a slogan emblazoned across it – it’s pretty important to get it spelt correctly. Right?


Well, the parents of 3-month-old Alexander Kendall couldn’t believe the blunders on a 5-pack of baby grows they got from Tesco as a present.

The set of Tesco F&F long sleeve bodysuits came with 2 shocking errors.

One of the suits has the slogan “I was born awsome” (yes, they’ve missed the first E out of awesome there). Another misses a possessive apostrophe and reads “Daddys little man”. OOPS.

“Call me picky but I’d rather @Tesco spelled awesome correctly and didn’t miss out the apostrophe in “daddy’s”,” dad Ben tweeted, sharing this picture of the bodysuits.

Tesco responded to the tweet, and said: “Sorry about this, we’ve made our suppliers aware of this so it can be corrected for future stock.”

Ben replied: “Thanks @Tesco – we’ll just use them as they are. He’s three months old and, despite my best efforts, can’t yet read.”

Well, we might be picky, but we just couldn’t stop staring at this glaring mistake. Would you be able to use the bodysuits without explaining to everyone who gave them a second glance?

Photo: Twitter / Ben Kendall

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