Today in the MFM office we’ve been talking about: Child artists

From Monet to Banksy, art causes strong debate, and now talented toddlers have burst on the scene.


Recently there’s been a lot of coverage in the media about talented child artists, some, like 7-year-old Keiron Williamson from Norfolk are genuinely talented, but many others have also had lots of coverage too.


What is art? It’s a debate that’s been going on for centuries, and we’re not sure anyone will ever come up with a definitive answer, but we fancy a try. So, we decided that you should be the MFM judges.

To the left of this blog, we have two pictures. One of the images was drawn by a talented toddler and will be on display at the Southampton Art Gallery, and one of the images was drawn by a member of the MFM team at about age 4 and is still displayed with pride on their parents’ wall.


The question is this; tell us which one you think is which? Can you guess the right paining or will our red herring open up the debate on great art once more?

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