Toddler goes missing in a field of rapeseed…

His parents could hear him, but couldn't see him anywhere!


A toddler from Littlehampton, West Sussex, prompted an hours-long search party after disappearing in a tall field of rapeseed one Sunday afternoon.


Police were called after his parents could no longer see him, and realised they wouldn’t be able to track him down, despite still being able to hear him calling out to them.

The BBC reports that an infrared camera and a helicopter, along with 50 police officers and even more members of the public, formed a search party.

Fortunately, their efforts were successful, and they located the little tyke after a couple of hours ?

It turns out that the 2-year-old had simply toddled off to look for a dog that he and his dad were taking on a walk.


Well, we definitely feel sorry for this family – as this could probably happen to anyone.

Especially if you’re an outdoorsy bunch, live near lots of nature, or have gone camping for your family holiday ?️

Because those fields of rapeseed end up being really, really tall. Way taller than a toddler. Don’t even get us started on the worry that a tractor might pop up out of nowhere ?

We’re just glad everything turned out alright with this one ?

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