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Toddler saves herself after falling into a canal

Isabelle Byrne, 2, fell into a canal but amazingly swam to the side and saved herself

Isabelle Byrne was feeding the ducks in Manchester with her family when she fell from her grandmother's grasp into the water. However, before her family dived in to save her, Isabelle put her swimming lessons into practice and swam to the side.


"It was your worst nightmare. I was ready to jump in - I wouldn't have given it a second thought," said dad, Maurice, reports the Metro.

"But she came straight back to us," Maurice added.

Maurice, from Birmingham, said that his daughter was hardly fazed and unharmed. "Isabelle said: 'I didn't catch any fish!'" he recalled.

Isabelle began Water Babies classes when she was only 8 weeks old, something Maurice is extremely glad about.

"It's made me realise teaching your child to swim is essential in life."

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