Toddler saves mum’s life with iPhone

Three-year-old phones for help after her mum collapses with stroke


A three-year-old girl, Amelia Razaq managed to unlock her mum’s iPhone and make a life saving call when her mum collapsed at home.


Mum Hina, 29, had a mini stroke as she was giving Amelia breakfast.

Quick-thinking Amelia remembered the code to her mum’s phone and unlocked the iPhone so she could call her dad Khurram for help.

“Daddy, please come home, mummy has fallen,” Amelia told her dad on the phone.

“I asked if she was telling the truth, and whether our 3-month-old daughter Fiza was okay. Amelia said Fiza was fine, and on a mat, but mummy had fallen,” dad Khurram told the Evening Standard.

Khurram, then rang the emergency services, who were able to get into the house in Chelmsford, Essex to help Hina thanks to Amelia.

“Amelia didn’t panic or cry. She used her pink piano stool to reach the door lock to let the police in.

“Treatment during the initial stage of a stroke is very important. Amelia’s actions saved her mum’s life,” added dad Khurram.

“If it hadn’t been for her, I don’t think I would’ve survived,” said mum Hina.


“She must somehow have watched me put in the code in the past because she did it herself and then pushed the green button to call. We’re amazed — we think the iPhone is complicated for such a little child to use.”


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