Unusual girls’ baby names

Choosing a name for your baby girl can be tricky. Why not consider some of these unusual baby names for girls...


10 of the most unusual girls’ baby names

There are lots of beautiful girls’ baby names but if you’re looking for something a bit different for your little bundle of joy then find out what unusual names there are for girls and the meanings behind them…



Adira is a beautiful and simple name of Hebrew origin meaning “strong”. It’s a beautiful and simple name, pronounced ah-DEER-ah.



Annora is a girls’ name of Latin origin that means “honor”. “Honor” means “virtue”, “hope” or “grace”. A shortened version of Annora could be Nora. 



Birdie is a name of English origin and means “bright, famous, little bird”. Birdie is a variation of Bertha (Old German), Bird (English) and Birdena (American). It’s the kind of vintage name that is very of the moment like Millie, Josie and Hetty. 



Finola is a beautiful name of Irish origin and means “white or fair shoulders”. It is a much simpler version of the Gaelic name Fionnghula. 

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