10 of the best buggies mums chose, and why

We asked MFM mums which were the best buggies and why they bought them. Here's what they told us about their pushchairs of choice...


Babystyle Oyster

Keeley Stapleton loves her Babystyle Oyster because…”It can face either way and can be folded with the seat still attached. It is also extremely light and compact. The hood is huge and also has a blackout net underneath the seat to completely block out the sun. Overall it is a great pram.”


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The Babystyle Oyster made our 10 of the best travel systems under £400 and 10 of the easiest to fold buggies.

Jacob looks cool in his sunglasses and B-Smart

Britax B-Smart

Amy Clark loves her Britax B-Smart because…”It is full reclinable, which is comfy for my little boy, Jacob. The B-Smart is also light to lift as well as being very funky and hardwearing (it still looks like new five months after buying it). Plus it has hood extenders for taller children, so I can see it lasting for some time. The basket is also very spacious and gives me plenty of space to fit my shopping in. I’d recommend it to anyone!”

The Britax B-Smart has made our 10 of the best buggies for less than £350 and 10 of the easiest buggies to fold.

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Francesca Skipper’s little ones love sharing their Bugaboo Bee

Bugaboo Bee

Francesca Skipper loves her Bugaboo Bee because…”When my tot is tired from being on the buggy board, he can share a lift with his little sister, as you can see!”

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Michaela has a twin buggy ready for her newborn to share with her toddler

Cosatto You2

Michaela Britton loves her Cosatto You2 because… “It folds down small and is really comfy for both babies and toddlers. I will be using it when my baby is born for longer trips when my older son will need to sit down and nap.”

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Only having one baby? Cosatto also has the Yo!, a single lightweight buggy.

Danielle’s son loves their Graco Symbio

Graco Symbio

Danielle Parker loves her Graco Symbio because…”It has a sturdy metal chassis and is brilliant quality. My 17-month-old son adores his Graco Symbio and I do too! It is comfortable (even for my large lad) and it washes up brilliantly, despite grubby hands getting on it! It has the amazing feature of a flip handle that allows me to change it from parent facing to forward facing in one simple flip. I love it!”

We have lots of info on this Graco buggy in our Symbio buggy review and Symbio travel system review. The Symbio also features in our 10 of the best forward and rear facing buggies.

Jenna and her super stylish iCandy Apple with Maxi-Cosi car seat attached

iCandy Apple

Jenna Kellar loves her iCandy because…”It is super stylish as well as practical. I love the fact it can turn on a sixpence really easily and has an extendable handle bar so me and my hubby can have it at different lengths to suit our height. It can also be forward facing or facing towards the person pushing, whichever you wish, which is great. Also, it is our stroller of choice for all terrains.

“In my photo I have the Maxi-Cosi car seat on our iCandy Apple and the iCandy does come with an interchangable hood and luxurious fleece core seat for older babies. You can mix and match colours and accessories for choice and versatility.”

Want a more opinions on how the Apple performs? Read our review on the iCandy Apple. This buggy also made it into our 10 of the best forward and rear facing buggies. If you want to create a travel system like Jenna, head to our travel system buying guide.

Pamela Ní Dhonacha’s children love their Maxi-Cosi Streety

Maxi-Cosi Streety (formerly known as the Bebe Confort Streety)

Pamela Ni Dhonacha loves her Maxi-Cosi Streety because…”It folds up really small, is really light and very comfy for my baby. You can remove all the covers so everything can be washed and it is easy to put them back on too. You can fold the buggy with the seat on or take it off and fold it if you are using the car seat part. I would give this buggy 10/10 – it has been the best buggy I have ever bought.”

Fellow MFM mum Heather Ingram also loves the Maxi-Cosi Streety, saying, “It is currently my favourite buggy because it is very easy to push and manouevre and is available in great colours. It also is parent and forward facing, lightweight and has a compact fold.”

We agree that the Maxi-Cosi Streety is compact folding – it made our 10 of the best compact folding buggies. It’s also one of our top 10 travel systems under £400.

Amy’s girl in their Micralite Fastfold Super-lite

Micralite Fastfold Super-lite

Amy Earnshaw loves her Micralite Fastfold Super-lite because…”The wheels make so much difference to how smooth it is. It is also so light and easy to use. Baby girl loves it too because the seat is comfortable.

“Even our 3-year-old can go in it as, unlike most seats, the Micralite Fastfold Super-lite seat goes to 17kg. You can’t even tell that he weighs more than my baby, as it is still easy to push. In the past I have always had the reversible seats but this totally changed my mind. I think it is the perfect pram for home and holidays.”

Our Micralite Fastfold Super-Lite review has lots of details about this pushchair. It features in our 10 of the best buggies for less than £150 as well as making our 10 of the easiest to fold buggies.

Jennifer’s Petite Star Kurvi Match comes in this fab purple

Petite Star Kurvi Match

Jennifer Dixon loves her Petite Star Kurvi Match (in Purple Berry) because…”It has all the features of an ‘upmarket pram’ at a fraction of the price! We bought our Kurvi Match while I was pregnant and have used it since my daughter was born. It was comfortable yet compact in pram mode and easily converted to buggy mode, which can be both parent and world facing. Plus it has three wheels and air filled tyres making it light and small enough to use on public transport but sturdy and comfortable for long walks!

“Also it’s easy to fold down and the wheels simply pop off at a touch on a button to fit into a small car boot. It has an extendable handle so is comfortable for myself and ‘daddy’ to push and a fantasic extendable hood to shade my daughter from the sun. It came with lots of free accessories including liner, footmuff, apron, changing bag and raincover! I also love the bright purple colour because it doesn’t blend into the crowds!”

We’ve reviewed the Match’s closest sibling, the Kurvi Abstract.

Jennifer’s baby girl Lucy on a day trip in the Quinny Speedi

Quinny Speedi

Jennifer Mewha loves her Quinny Speedi because…”It is really comfy for my daughter, Lucy, because of the seat reducer. It is also very easy to push around on any surface.”

Fellow MFM mum Vicky Varley agrees. “We have a Quinny Speedi in Raven (and also in Chilli too) and it is the best pram I’ve ever bought. It is a smooth, comfy ride for my son, Liam, is weightless to push and it ploughs over anything. Love it!”

The Quinny Speedi made our top 10 buggies under £350, as well as our 10 of the best 3-wheeler buggies and 10 of the best compact folding buggies.

Sarah Strange’s baby and her Phil & Teds Vibe – just one of the many gorgeous pushchair pics you all shared

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