Great maternity products for mums-to-be

You’ve peed on a stick, seen some little blue lines, and suddenly it’s real: you’re pregnant! So what do you need to make your nine months as enjoyable as possible?


To start with, a good maternity bra for your changing breasts, maternity jeans that combine comfort with style (they do exist!), and perhaps a bump band to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy clothes.

You might like to take a pregnancy supplement (make sure to talk to your midwife or doctor first), and while there’s no hard evidence they work, some mums swear by stretchmark creams or oils, even if it’s just to ease itchy skin.

As your pregnancy progresses and your bump grows, a support pillow can help you get a good night sleep. And for those of you really feeling the strain, a support belt can give your bump and back a helping hand.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be – just click through the 10 best pregnancy products we’ve hunted down for you and you bump…

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1. Cake Mousse Padded Plunge Wireless Nursing Bra, £32.90

This is a glamorous bra that gives a great plunge fit without wires for an extra soft feel. The straps are wide to provide plenty of support and there are four adjustable fastenings at the back to accommodate your changing body shape.

The Cake Mousse bra gives a smooth finish under clothes so it’s great under T shirts by day, and would sit well under a dress or smarter evening outfit. It’s not wired, compared with the Cake Truffles bra, so the padded plunge is good for smaller busts wanting a bit more oomph. For added value the nursing clips mean you can continue to wear it post birth for breastfeeding.

There are four colours available so if you find it really suits your body you can mix it up without needing to experiment with other styles, and there are matching briefs to complete the set.

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2. Jojo Maman Bebe Multi-Use Maternity Bump Band, £15

This button-on maternity band means you can delay the moment when you no longer fit into your trousers, so you can wear your favourite jeans in the early months even when they no longer fasten up.

Because the bump band comes in three colours you can choose the one best suited to your existing style to create a layered look.

Our reviewer says: “It’s a great idea to prolong your existing wardrobe – and if you can find one that fits this could prove a money saving investment.” It gives support when you’re on the move, although not as much compared with the Cantaloop belt. It’s useful after birth because you can lift up a top to breastfeed without exposing too much skin, avoiding a chilly draught in cooler weather!

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Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe


3. Cake Truffles Moulded Lace Cup Plunge Nursing Bra, £34.90

The Truffles bra is a lovely lacy plunge with soft and stretchy fabric for maximum comfort as your body changes shape through pregnancy.

The lace-styled back is a nice touch, making this a prettier option than the more functional Bravado bra and there are extra rows of hook and eye fasteners to allow room to expand and contract. The underwiring means additional support for fuller busts, compared with the non-wired Mousse bra.

It’s available in black and nude brown shades, and there are matching briefs to complete the look.

The smooth sides have folded edges to give extra support and comfort, which means it’s good for day wear and into the evenings. The nursing clips make it economical throughout pregnancy and post birth for breastfeeding.

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4. Vitabiotics Pregnacare, £4.45 for 30 tablets

Pregnacare tablets are the most popular supplements for mums to be and women trying to conceive, which is reassuring. The tablets are specially tailored for this, as opposed to a general multivitamin. They contain 19 vitamins and minerals, as well as essential folic acid, and because it’s one tablet a day it means mums-to-be can be confident they are getting everything they need in one go.

Our reviewer says: “It’s a very strong brand that I felt I could rely on and both Evie and I seem to have survived pretty well on it! I thought the price was reasonable and anyway, I’d rather pay for something I trust to be safe than take any chances when I’m pregnant.”

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Available from: Boots,, Superdrug

petals and blooms

5. Petals and Blooms Brightening Anti-Oxidant Serum, £56 for 30ml

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2019 Pregnancy Skincare Product - Gold

This brightening anti-oxidant serum promises to be a protective glow-booster for hyper-pigmented and uneven skin, great for mums to be whose hormones may be playing havoc! It’s safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and offers a touch of luxury to make you feel special.

MFM judge Joanna says: “It left my skin feeling smooth and radiant and very pleased with the results. My pregnancy skin has certainly improved in appearance and has not been left dry or greasy. Would certainly recommend.”

Available from: Look Fantastic, Pure Baby

deep freeze

6. Mentholatum Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch, £5.69 for 4

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2019 Hero Pregnancy Health Product - Gold

These self-adhesive cold patches work like ice to relieve the muscular back pain that so many pregnant women experience. They are a lot more convenient than sitting still with an ice pack – this makes them great for when you need to stay on the move whilst pregnant.

They can be used in combination with pain killers or as an alternative, which is great for women in the first 30 weeks of pregnancy, when NHS guidelines recommend avoiding ibuprofen.

Our MFM judge Claire says: “The patches take a few minutes to start becoming cold, but once they do it lasted for several hours and did take the edge of the pain away. I would normally take pain killers to help with back pain, but this is a much safer and less invasive way to help.”

Available from: Superdrug, Boots, Sainsbury’s

Babycare TENS Obi TENS Plus

7. Babycare TENS Obi TENS Plus, £39

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2019 Hero Pregnancy Health Product - Silver

This small, hand-held TENS machine is a great portable device to help cope with pain relief during the early stages of labour. Compared with more basic models, this offers the extra function of recording your previous 5 in-between contraction times, which is a huge help gauging how labour is progressing.

It has 6 simple buttons, making it ultra-easy to operate so you can concentrate on your body rather than trying to fathom an over-complicated piece of kit.

MFM judge Amanda says: “This product was a life saver when in early stages of labour. it really helped with my contraction pains and felt like I was having a little massage.”

Available from: Babycare TENS


8. Bravado Original Full Cup Black Nursing/Maternity Bra, £27

This is a wire-free maternity and nursing bra which pulls on over your head like a sports bra, meaning it’s ultra-comfortable for wearing in bed as there are no hook and eye fasteners at the back compared with the Cake bras.

The Full Cup model is specially designed for fuller busts allowing lots of support, and the simple sizing system means it covers sizes 32DD to 46G.

The soft cups drop right down for nursing and there is no padding in the way compared with the Cake Mousse bra, meaning that all important skin-to-skin contact with baby when breastfeeding is easy to achieve.

Available from: Nursing Bra Shop, Next, Amazon

my expert midwife

9. My Expert Midwife, £69

Award: Gold – Products for your pregnancy, MadeForMums Awards 2021

A bundle of products that literally cover some essential areas for pregnancy – an oil to ease itchiness as the skin expands on your belly, perineal massage oil, Spritz for Bits to ease soreness after deliver, and a lanolin nipple balm to help soothe breastfeeding pain.

While there are plenty of nipple balms on the market, this attractive gift set focuses helps mum to pay attention to less-talked about but just as important areas like perineum health.

Our MFM judge Claire says: “The ingredients are lovely and the look of the products are very appealing, making them a great gift for mums to be. The stand-out product for me is Fantastic Skin Elastic. This luxurious serum is perfect for dry pregnancy skin and for helping prevent or fade stretch marks. I have been using it religiously on my growing belly, my breasts and my legs.”

Available from: My Expert Midwife, Chemist Direct

BBhugme pregnancy pillow

10. BBhugme Pregnancy Pillow, £139

This is a giant pregnancy support pillow – a full 120cm in length. It’s designed to be hugged in pregnancy, offering support right down along the body. It comes in Scandi-cool tones and the casing can be machine-washed which is a bonus for a quick turnaround in the wash. The inside can be compressed or pulled looser, meaning you can choose how hard or soft you prefer the pillow, depending on your sleep position.

It’s squishy enough to be used after pregnancy as a nursing pillow or floor cushion for a kids’ room.

Our reviewer says: “It holds up well, doesn’t flatten and is compact, meaning you don’t have to build a support fort every night. It can be really bulky, which I enjoyed and found comfortable – I think the equivalent support for my legs would’ve involved around four pillows in formation.”

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Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe, Scandiborn, Kidly


11. Cantaloop Maternity Support Belt, £12.99

This maternity belt supports your bump and back while pregnant and can be great if you’re suffering with back pain and need a bit of help easing the aches. The Cantaloop offers more support than the JoJo Maman Bebe bump band and is designed to be more of a medical aid than a fashion choice.

The material doesn’t have any seams which means it’s comfortable to wear. Our reviewer says: “I found the band to be instantly comfortable. It felt like having a nice hug around my bump, that was reassuring, but not too tight.”

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Available from: Amazon, John Lewis


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