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7 of the best mermaid toys

Forget unicorns! Mermaid toys and dolls are set to be big in 2021 – so here are 7 of the best


Here at MFM HQ, we’re big fans of The Little Mermaid. Perhaps you’ve got an Ariel lover at home? Or a little one set on owning their very own mermaid tail?


Either way, just as unicorns were a must-have in 2017, we’ve seen a few predictions saying that mermaid toys will be the new top toy trend for 2018.

Stay ahead of the curve by checking out our pick of the top mermaid toys on the market, including Disney Princess Ariel, a stunning mermaid lagoon – even a mermaid-themed cuddly baby toy ?

Here are the best mermaid toys…

1. Disney Princess Colours Of The Sea Ariel, £29.99

mermaid ariel

Age: 3 years +

What it is: A bath toy with a classic Disney Princess twist.

Why we love it: There were lots of The Little Mermaid toys we could’ve chosen, however we picked this one because it’s great for the bath!

Available from: Smyths Toys

2. Cra-Z Sand Mermaid Playset, £21.99

craz sand

Age: 4 years +

What it is: A kit of glittery sand that your little one can move and shape. Comes with 4 moulds, a tool for shaping the sand, and a tray to play in.

Why we love it: What’s not to love about glittery sand? Hey, it’s less messy than slime!

Available from: Argos

3. Jellycat Shellbelle Maddie in Blue, £19

blonde mermaid

Age: 12 months +

What it is: A gorgeous, soft little doll – just like the classic Jellycat rabbits – in mermaid form. She has long, white blong hair and a sparkly blue fishtail.

Why we love it: It has no bells and whistles, but it’s perfect for a very young child, and hopefully a keepsake they can hand down to their own children, one day.

Available from: Maison White

4. Barbie Dolphin Magic Transforming Mermaid Doll, £25.99

barbie mermaid

Age: 3 years +

What it is: It is exactly what it sounds like – a scarlet-haired Barbie who can transform into a mermaid, with the help of a clever tail. The tail changes from purple to blue when dipped in water. Oh, and it comes with a dolphin that squirts water, too!

Why we love it: Barbie, for all her flaws (she can’t stand on her own 2 feet, for example), is a classic, and we like the way the tail turns blue. Great for water-based fun!

Available from: Argos

5. VTech Toot-Toot Kingdom Mermaid Land, £33.99


Age: 1 year +

What it is: Another of the popular Toot-Toot Drivers range, this time themed on a magical underwater kingdom. The perfect hangout for mini mermaids.

Why we love it: It has 3 magic points, as per the rest of the range. Expect music, lights and sounds when your child places their Toot-Toot character on them. We also like the open and close sea shell, as well as the little swing, which apparently help develop motor skills.

Available from: Argos

6. Sweet Seas Mermaid Soft Plush Doll, approx £10 + shipping

mermaid patticake

Age: 3 years +

What it is: A soft mermaid doll, much like the Jellycat option, with brown braided hair and a sparkly purple dress.

Why we love it: We found it difficult to find any mermaid toys with brown hair or darker skin… we noticed lots of redheads and blondes, though. Fortunately, this US brand ships to the UK…

Available from: The Pattycake Doll Company

7. My Mermaid Lagoon Coral’s Lagoon Playset, £17

Age: 4 years +

What it is: A pocket-sized clamshell home for Coral The Mermaid, which your child can decorate with glitter sand and sweet accesories. Comes in a variety of other characters, too.

Why we love it: Great if you’re looking for a crafty spin on the mermaid trend, rather than a typical doll.

Available from: Hobbycraft

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