Mum’s guide to buying first disposable nappies

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Nappies for newborns and very young babies have to combine strength and absorbency to deal with runnier newborn poos, while being soft and comfy for delicate young skin. It’s also really important that the nappy can be easily taken off, and a new one put on with minimal fuss. With loads of brands, varieties and sizes on the market, we asked our mums what you need to know before stocking up on nappies for your new arrival.


Get a starter pack

“Most brands do a newborn-specific pack, and those nappies are softer and deal better with the runny newborn and breastfed baby poo. Most also have a U-shape cut out of the waistband to protect the umbilical cord area in the early days. I’ve been stocking up on Pampers New Baby ones as I like their softness.”

Jo Holland, 37, from Kent, mum to Merlin, 2

Don’t bulk buy

“When I was busy stockpiling nappies before my baby was born, I wish I’d realised how fast she would grow. I’d heard that babies are in size 2 for a long time, but we ended up with 200 excess nappies after buying when they were on offer.”

Krista Nikrooz, 24, from Bolton, mum to Katie, 6 months

Trial and Error

“I’m now expecting my second little boy and I’ve stocked up on a variety of brands, including some own-brands to try as I found with Dylan that, as he reached different milestones – like weight or activity, some nappies were better than others.”

Lauren Curtis, 29, from Bristol, mum to Dylan, 2 months

Should you splash out?

“It can be worth spending a little more early on for the bigger brand nappies until your baby grows a bit. Some of the cheaper own-brand nappies are great value, but I found when my babies were really young they were quite bulky on their tiny bottoms.”

Hannah Manning, 24, from Northampton, mum to David, 2, and Ollie, 5 months

Avoiding nappy rash

“Find the brand your baby’s skin likes best. I planned to use re-useables but for the first couple of weeks we ended up using disposables. We also found my daughter reacted really differently to each brand, with some giving her terrible nappy rash.We eventually settled on Huggies organic cotton nappies.”

Rebecca Seaman, 31, from Birmingham, mum to Phoebe, 4 months

Essential nappy extras

“You’ll go through a mountain of baby wipes so try a few different brands in case your little one has a reaction to some of them. I’d recommend getting lightly scented ones as the brands that are fragrance-free often smell worse. Get nappy bags for easy disposal and cotton wool for changing time at home.”

Symone Darvell, 28, from Hull, mum to Mia, 2 and Ava, 1

Can you return them?

“My fourth baby was too big for the newborn size. Luckily I was able to exchange them for size 2. But check before you buy that the store will exchange them. It’s also worth getting the name of the member of staff who says that you can return them.”


Audrey Williamson, 37, from Northern Ireland, mum to Jack, 2

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