Phil & Teds buggies are known for their ability to tackle rugged terrain, as well as the urban environment. Whether its the 3-wheelers or the 4-wheel options, these pushchairs are loved by many mums because most can convert from a single buggy to an inline double. This is done by simply attaching Phil & Teds' unique doubles kit. Versatile? You bet!


Phil & Teds Explorer

Peyton Ho loves her Phil & Teds Explorer because..."It is so easy to manouevre, even in and out of the crowds at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park was a breeze. My daughter, 4, and son, 2, love riding in our Explorer and we have had so many compliments about it too.

"We have taken this stroller to all the Disney theme parks, to malls, parks, smooth roads, bumpy roads and even over railroad tracks and it has never skipped a beat. I highly recommend this stroller to anyone with one or two children - we love it."

Read our reviews of both the Phil & Teds Explorer Inline Double like Peyton has, which is suitable for two children, and the Explorer as a single buggy.

The Explorer made our 10 of the best 3-wheeler buggies and the Explorer Inline Double is one of our top 10 travel system compatible double buggies.

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Loving Charis' collage of the Phil & Teds Verve

Phil & Teds Verve

Charis Doherty loves her Phil & Teds Verve because..."It is stylish and stable. My toddler loves the smooth ride whilst my teeny loves the snuggliness of it! Our whole family thinks the Verve is fabulous, with my husband especially loving the slimline standing fold. You can't beat the Phil & Teds Vibe for busy trips, bus rides and a bit of fun."

Want to know more about the Verve? Head to our review of the Verve as a single buggy and our Verve Inline Double review.

The Verve Inline Double has made our 10 of the best easy-to-fold double buggies.

This bright green Sport is very eye-catching

Phil & Teds Sport

Leah Eaton loves her Phil & Teds Sport because..."It is funky, practical and there is lots of room for my twin boys, Charley and Henry, 2. I love it because it is brilliant in the snow and on sand or cobbles. You can take it anywhere. It also folds down ultra compact into our 7-seater's tiny boot! Most importantly, the boys love it too."

Leah bought her Phil & Teds Sport in the eye-catching Apple colourway, but there are six other colourways for you to choose from. Our review of the Sport has some great images of the Red version.

The Sport Inline Double buggy, like Leah's, is one of our top 10 buggies, as rated by you! It also features in our 10 of the best double buggies for a toddler and a baby - so make sure you check it out even if you don't have twins.

Rachael's stylish and lightweight Smart

Phil & Teds Smart

Rachael Brewitt loves her Phil & Teds Smart buggy because..."It is light, we even took it on the Underground recently. It is also stylish and my daughter can face me and she always looks comfy when she sits in the Smart. I also think the hood is great as it keeps the sun off and the seat keeps her cool too. I also have a Phil & Teds Vibe for when we go out for the day and during the winter."

Another MFM mum, Symone Darvell, also loves the urban Smart, "I love my Phil & Teds Smart buggy because it is light and easy to manage with one hand."

For more info, read our review of the Phil & Teds Smart buggy.

The Smart has made our 10 of the best buggies for less than £250 and also our top 10 compact folding buggies.

Gorgeous sunset on the beach for Sarah and her little girl

Phil & Teds Vibe

Sarah Strange loves her Phil & Teds Vibe because..."Of the manoeuvrabilty and because it is easy to push. I chose it because I wanted a buggy I could jog with but look stylish at the same time. My daughter loves the deeper seat and has always managed to sleep well in it. The front wheel can swivel or lock in place which makes it so easy in tight spaces.

"Another reason to buy it was in the hope we would have another baby and then have to only buy the doubles kit."

You can find out whether this buggy is right for you by checking out our review of the Vibe Inline Double.


More pushchairs from Phil & Teds

Phil & Teds also has the Hammerhead 4WD, Dash and Classic buggies in its range. If you own these, or any of the others mums have loved here, make sure you let us know...