If you need a buggy for a toddler and baby, you’re after what's usually called a double buggy. However, there are a number of different types to choose from, and a number of features you need to be aware of before you find the best buggy for your children.


Types of double buggies for a toddler and newborn

One type of double is a twin buggy – this doesn’t mean the pushchair is only for twins, but that the seats are positioned side by side.

Then there’s a tandem buggy, which places your children one in front of the other.

The third choice is what we call a convertible buggy, where the pushchair can be used as a single buggy, then have a second seat added to turn it into a double. Usually, this sees the seat added in a tandem set-up, however there’s now a convertible buggy on the market that has the second seat added in a twin set-up.

We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of each style, to help you decide whether a twin or tandem would be best for you, your toddler and newborn.

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Double buggy features that are important for siblings

It sounds obvious, but a newborn and a toddler have different needs. Specifically, your newborn needs a lie-flat buggy seat or a carrycot that can be attached to the buggy. In the case of tandems or convertible buggies, both seats may not be suitable from birth. One seat may be okay from 3 months or 6 months of age, while the other is appropriate for a newborn. This means until your newborn is older, they may have to ride exclusively in the rear or front seat.

Your toddler probably won’t sleep as much or as often as your newborn, so having seats that can be reclined independently of each other is handy. Having two separate hoods can also be useful for this reason - and because sometimes toddlers are just stubborn about the smallest of things!

Some double buggies are travel system compatible, and can have a car seat added for your baby while your toddler has a pushchair seat. This isn’t a standard feature on all doubles, so check out our guide to 10 of the best travel system compatible double buggies if this option interests you.

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