5 easy food swaps to boost your energy

Keep your energy levels up by swapping some of your favourite snacks for high energy alternatives


Breakfast swap

Forget sugary cereal, swap your daily bowl of frosted flakes for a hearty bowl of porridge to keep your energy levels up for longer.


Lunchtime swap

If your energy is zapped by lunchtime, don’t reach for crisps, swap to houmous on pitta instead. Not only will it cut out on uneccessary fats, it’s a better energy boost for you.


Dinner swap

When it comes to dinner, white pasta can seem like an easy win. But, swap your white bows for a wholemeal version and your meal gets a turbo boost of energy. Perfect if your baby likes to be up all night!


Afternoon snack swap

Grabbing a bar of chocolate in the afternoon seems like a good idea at the time. But the sugar boost will be short lived. For longer lasting energy, reach for prunes and raisins for a slower, longer release.


Drink swap

Caffeine drinks should get the elbow if you’re looking for an energy lift. Reach for a cool glass of orange juice instead for your energy fix.

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