6 years on and I’m still not happy with my post-baby body

"It's not that I'm much bigger. It's just that nothing - my boobs, my waist, my stomach - is *quite* how it was..."


Over the last couple of years there’s been something of a tidal wave of body positive stories on social media – in particular, mums sharing their ‘tiger stripes’ and post-baby bods with pride.


I LOVE these stories, and for a moment, they give me ‘yeah, you’re body’s beautiful and what it’s done is amazing’ type vibes ✊

But it doesn’t usually last for long, and soon I’m feeling a pang of loss for my pre-baby body – even though it went good and proper more than 6 years ago.

I’m having these thoughts about my figure now more than ever before since becoming a mum. Perhaps as my daughter is older and more self-sufficient these days, I’ve got back a bit of ‘me’ time to think about these things.

I love music and am a big ‘gigger’ – perhaps going to these events, where I often feel like I might just be the only mum there, means I’m comparing myself to 20-somethings who’ve never had the thought of a stretch mark cross their mind let alone a real one creep across their stomach.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not much bigger than I was before having my daughter – it’s just that nothing – my boobs, my waist, my tum – is *quite* how it was.

If I’m being completely honest, I was mortified when I looked at this pic of my stomach.

At the moment, I’m using it as a reminder to wear my clothes a bit more cleverly, to help me feel more confident day-to-day.

A belt adjustment sorted this slight paunch out (or rather, covered it up), and it did make me think ‘if only everything were that easily done’ ?

Hopefully one day that thought won’t cross my mind, and I’ll head out to another gig, fully accepting the way my body is now. Wearing the same dress, just without my belt ?

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