Baby’s summer first aid essentials

Keep babies safe in the summer months


Summer is a great time for your baby to get outside and have fun, but it’s also important to be aware of potential dangers. Read GP Dr Rob Hicks’ advice on keeping your little ones safe this summer.

  • Avoid insects
    ‘Make sure your children are aware that some insects can bite and sting. It’s easy to step on a wasp or bee, so make sure they wear protective footwear at all times.’ 
  • Check new areas
    ‘Always check friends’ homes or holiday homes for hazards. Cuts and grazes are everyday occurences, but can be avoided. Check for sharp corners, nails and broken glass, and teach your children about the dangers of these.’
  • Drink bottled water
    ‘Eating and drinking abroad can sometimes react badly with children’s digestive systems. Avoid tap water, ice cubes, salads and uncooked foods. If you’re unsure, stick to bottled water and only give them food which has been cooked thoroughly and served hot.’
  • Be safe near water
    ‘Toddlers love playing in water, but it can pose a serious danger. When in new surroundings always check the area for ponds, pools or streams. Don’t let your child out of your sight if they are playing near water, and always empty paddling pools when your child has finished playing.’
  • Your baby will love character plasters to cover bumps and bruises. Try Mr Tickle Plasters for plenty of giggles (£3.25 for 16 plasters).
  • Savlon Antiseptic Cream (£1.35 for 15g) will soothe and protect cuts and scrapes.
  • Calpol Infant Suspension (£2.54 for 100ml) is perfect for high temperatures or for easing the pain of sore stings and rashes.
  • Boots Pharmaceuticals Bite and Sting Relief Antihistamine Cream (suitable from 2 years, £3.99, will stop your little one’s itching.
  • You can pop a reusable Dora the Explorer Bruise Soother (£4.95, in the fridge to ease bruising, bites and headaches.

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