Biggest parenting rows of the year

Controversies - we had a few. Katie Hopkins (obvs), Lily Allen, the Kardashians and best of all, mums on social media, all waded in...


Katie Hopkins vs the world

Yes, she’s back. The former Apprentice contestant has spent another year, being cantankerous, controversial and downright rude.

  • First she went head to head with Lily Allen (who had her own controversial year) over Lily’s pregnancy weight gain – see what Lily had to say in return
  • Then it was Katie vs Katie – Hopkins vs Price. Katie H took to Twitter for a sharp dig at Katie’s choice of name for her 2015 baby
  • Third round was with parenting royalty – the Beckhams. Katie took offence to a picture of 3-year-old Harper with a dummy in her mouth. She described Harper as, wait for this, “looking like the child you feel sorry for on the bus” Ouch!
  • To top off the year, Katie decided to spread her bile a little further – all pregnant teenagers in the UK to be precise. And then she drew breath. Who will she turn her attention to in 2015 – you have been warned…

Lily Allen

Not quite as mouthy as Katie Hopkins, Lily started 2014 raising hackles when she revealed that she found life as a stay at home mum with her children too boring.

Then she took to Twitter to defend herself against trolls who had been accusing her of ‘never being seen with her children’.

As we mentioned previously, she had a spat with Katie H over baby weight, and then got into a row with model Jourdan Dunn (above) over a reference to ‘ugly kids’ in a song lyric on Lily’s new album.


Mums hit back

Thanks to social media, some great campaigns and voices have been heard this year.


The Kardashians

You can always rely on a Kardashian to spice things up with the odd controversy. Kim and Kourtney did a grand job this year…


Breastfeeding in public

One of the biggest social media conflicts of the year, mums took to Twitter and Facebook to claim the right to breastfeed in public without being asked to sit in the corner or cover up with a napkin…


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