At Halloween, face painting is one of the easiest ways to get your child trick-or-treat ready – even if you haven't managed to find much of a costume. And, if you do have a costume all ready, the face paint can add a spooktacular final touch.


We've pulled together some brilliantly simple guides to face-painting the best kids' Halloween looks, including a mini vampire, a wicked witch, a scream-worthy ghost, a scurrilous pirate and, of course, a bright orange pumpkin.

Each guide contains both clear and easy photo-step by photo-step instructions for creating the look you're after, and also an easy how-to video. So you can follow whichever format suits you best, and is handiest for you to refer to when you've got your face paints – and excited child – in front of you.

Here are 5 scarily good Halloween face paint ideas for kids...

1. The wicked witch

Child with their face painted as a witch

Cast an impressive face-painting spell with this magic look. It's all about highlighting the green (of course!) base with blue accents and lots of black witchy details.

See our witch face-paint guide – with photo step-by-step and how-to video

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2. The vampire

Child with their face painted as a vampire

This fledgling vampire face-paint look is simple and super-fast to do – so you don't need your child to sit still for hours. Fang-tastic for fidgety kids...

See our vampire face-paint guide – with photo step-by-step and how-to video

3. The ghost

ghost face paint tutorial

Wooooo! This spookily easy face-paint look creates a friendly phantom – although you could tweak the features on the ghost's face if you're after something a little more haunting...

See our ghost face-paint guide with photo step-by-step and how-to video

4. The pumpkin

A child with their face painted as a pumpkin

Yes, you can turn your little pumpkin into an actual pumpkin with this bright and bold face-paint idea. Excellent for kids (or parents) who'd prefer a Halloween look that steers well clear of the dark side for inspiration.

See our pumpkin face-paint guide – with photo step-by-step and how-to video

5. The pirate

Child with their face painted a pirate and wearing a pirate hat

Shiver those tiny timbers with this swashbuckling face-paint pirate look. Perfect for mini Jack Sparrows – and a godsend if you've got pirate-y clothes but haven't been able to find an eye patch.

See our pirate face-paint guide – with photo step-by-step and how-to video

Pics: Top Testers Club members (see each face-paint guide for individual credits); Snazaroo


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