Parenting trend predictions

Could these five parenting trends take the world by storm? You heard it here first!


Babies on Facebook and Twitter

Sound absurd? Well, take a look at what’s already happening…


Celebrity mum Dannii Minogue created a Twitter account for her unborn baby and he tweeted from the womb. Lance Armstrong’s daughter and son were barely a day old when they started to tweet and write on their Facebook walls about how their first days of life were treating them.

Ok, so sometimes the world of celeb parents is rather far from reality, but not this time! Parents in the real world are at it, too. Aside from tweeting updates through their labour and birth and uploading a constant stream of baby photos onto Facebook, parents are going one step further and setting up a page for their babies! For example, Totspot lets parents create a social networking style page for their child. In the first month alone, 8,500 pages were started.

Could we soon see a new dinky iPad or baby-Blackberry especially for little hands and small fingers?

Designer babies – fashion designers taking over baby clothes

Designer babies

No, we’re not talking about that type of designer baby, but the emerging trend for high-end designers to release a miniature version of their ready-to-wear collections for babies and young children.

From the ‘Enfant Terrible’ Jean Paul Gaultier going from risqué flesh-flashing creations to tiny sailor babygros and Marc Jacobs going from top-notch dresses and handbags to gush-worthy twinsets, are fashion designers going soft?!

Stella McCartney’s expanding her childrenswear range to babywear and Paul Smith has announced a children’s collection, too. The latest design house to jump on the bandwagon is Gucci, as it branches out into cute-as-a-button babygros and bibs.

Facebook the new naming game

Facebook baby namer

Struggling to pick a baby name? Well, why not ask your Facebook friends?! After mum Rommy left her baby girl’s name to the fate of her Facebook buddies, will we see a surge of new parents doing the same?

Naming your baby can be a challenge, so putting it out there for the world (well, your 200 and something online friends) can make it exciting and ease the pressure. Or is it a baby-naming Russian roulette?

Shared baby showers

Shared baby showers

The demand for baby showers is getting higher in the UK. And with more dads-to-be taking a hands-on approach in pregnancy – even as far as gaining ‘baby weight’ during their partner’s pregnancy – we predict co-ed baby showers. Perhaps the tea, non-alcoholic bubbles and baby cupcakes can get a masculine makeover with beer and bacon sarnies?

Tracking your children

Child tracking

Sometimes, it seems all too easy to find out what someone’s up to, where they’ve been and who’ve they been talking to. But when it comes to keeping your child safe, it suddenly becomes a minefield.

Answering this parenting dilemma with a thoroughly modern solution is a range of child tracking gadgets with built-in GPS so you know where your child is, at all times. The TrackMyKid is a small device your child carries in his or her bag and you can log on and check their whereabouts on a map online. There’s also Zoomback, a system that sees your child pop a little alarm into his or her bag and you download an app to your phone, so you can find out where they are during the day.


An ingenious precaution or paranoid parenting? We’d like you to tell us…

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