Q. What’s your daughter Scarlet into now that she’s turned 16 months?

A. Absolutely everything and everyone! She has a bit of an attitude now and again, but nothing too bad - yet. Her current obsession is Peppa Pig and she goes around the house saying, “Piggy, piggy, piggy!”


Q. She’s got quite a little personality, then?

A. Totally. She’s very independent and confident. When she was born I imagined she’d need me all the time, but she seems to be doing so well on her own.

Q. Is she into music like her mum?

Yes, in fact I reckon she likes the theme tunes to her Cbeebies shows more than the programmes. She’ll listen to the opening music, then wander off, then come back for the end. She recognises me on the TV, too. She saw me on GMTV once and was shouting, Mama, mama’ at the TV.

Q. How does she cope with you being famous?

A. When she was born we got a lot of attention and that was really difficult to deal with as I didn’t want her to be exposed to all the media hype. I was nervous enough being a new mum and taking her out, getting the buggy in and out of shops and worrying about feeding and changing her, so the last thing I needed was lots of paps after us. Luckily she doesn’t seem to have noticed it much and is chilled about it all.

Q. That’s lucky. How has going back to work been for you?

A. Being a mum is the hardest job in the world, so going out to work is actually a bit of respite, especially now as she’s crawling so I can’t take my eyes off her at all. I’m really lucky to have amazing childcare which makes it all a bit easier, too.

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Q. How would you describe your parenting style?

A. I’m quite laid back really, which is surprising as I really thought I’d be uptight and worried all the time. I get concerned about some things though, like her jabs and her diet. She’s really good with her food though, and eats everything we give her.

Q. Do you see the other Spice Girls and their children lots now you’re all mums?

A. Absolutely. It’s nice when we all get together with the children, and the kids get on so well. Victoria’s boys (Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8 and Cruz, 5) are very boisterous, but they’re also very gentle and good with little Scarlet.


Q. Any plans to follow Victoria and extend your family?

A. I’d love to have another baby. We [with partner Thomas Starr] don’t have any plans at the moment and I’m not fussed about a girl or boy. When I was expecting Scarlet I was convinced she was a boy. When she was born, I thought I heard a nurse say, “It’s a boy”, then I heard Thomas say, “It’s a girl” and I was so confused, shouting “What is it? What is it?” around the room!