Lullabies for your baby

Find out why singing lullabies to your baby can help you bond. Here are some traditional lullabies, as well as some alternative modern songs to musically entertain your little one...


Best lullabies for babies and children

Check out the best lullabies to sing to your baby, toddler or child. Why not teach your little a spot of French with Frere Jacques? Also, if you’re worried about remembering the words to lullabies such as Three Blind Mice or Hush, Little Baby – fear not, as we’ve even provided you with the lyrics!


You can listen to the lullaby tunes here and even download PDF songsheets to print and keep in the nursery.

Will your little ones enjoy a more modern singing session, rather than traditional lullabies?

Alternatives to lullabies by MFM mums

If you’re less comfortable with singing traditional lullabies to your little one, why not try something more modern if that’s what you’re more familiar with? Some of our MFM mums have given us some of their favourite alternative songs as inspiration. From Kylie Minogue and Bon Jovi, to Elvis, Elton John, The Beatles and even some popular Disney favourites!

Find out why singing to your baby will benefit her…

Why should you sing lullabies and nursery rhymes to your baby?

Find out why you should sing to your little one. Whether you sing the more traditional lullabies, such as Twinkle Twinkle and Rock-A-Bye Baby, or go for something a little more modern, hearing your voice will benefit your baby in lots of ways…

Other than lullabies, what other products will help soothe your baby to sleep?

Best night-time products to help your baby sleep

Singing lullabies to your baby can sometimes help soothe him to sleep, but what can you do when the lullaby option doesn’t work? Here are some great night-time products to help drift your baby off to dreamland…

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