Cheryl’s got 11-week-old Bear sleeping ‘7 hours per night’, says Liam

23-year-old Liam Payne reveals his son is already sleeping through the night...


“[Cheryl’s] got him in a sleeping pattern already. We’re getting seven hours of sleep a night,” revealed new dad Liam Payne on the Glamour Awards 2017 red carpet.


He then teased: “Everyone’s saying; ‘Have you not slept much?’ and I don’t want to say [it’s because] I’m out partying. No, I’m joking.”


Yep, it looks like very famous 11-week-old baby Bear Grey Payne is sleeping all the way through the night.

And according to his dad, it’s all thanks to a sleeping pattern crafted by his devoted mum, 33-year-old popstar Cheryl.

Liam did appear to be wise to the fact that many new parents find themselves drowning in the depths of sleep deprivation, as he seemed rather pleased with his admission. (We would be, too, to be fair).

But unfortunately, he didn’t go on to divulge what exactly their routine involved, when they started it, and how long it took them to make it work.

We might have one clue: before becoming a mum, Cheryl offered her best toddler sleeping tip to fellow The One Show guest Sir Chris Hoy.

She recommended the power of lavender scents in helping little ones drift off to slumberland. So we wonder if that has something to do with her routine for baby Bear?

We can only hope they’ll share what worked for them in the near future…

Meanwhile, it hasn’t all been comfy nights under the duvet for 23-year-old Liam.

Life as a new parent always has its challenges, and as he told the Daily Mail, he’s been struggling to interpret Bear’s cries:

“[Bear’s] been a bit grumpy today. It’s the first time I felt he’s looked at me and said ‘Daddy, please help’ and I didn’t really know what to do at this point.

“We had him in the bath, and he was having a bit of a pain, but he’s super chill the majority of the time.”

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Images: Instagram/Liam Payne, Instagram/Cheryl

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