How much are you prepared to spend on your baby's shoes? ???


That's the big question raised by the new Loubibaby range - a collection of satin slip-ons tiny feet, created by the legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin, in collab with Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Loubibaby shoes come in a variety of colours, in a Mary Jane style, with a pretty bow across the foot and the classic Louboutin red sole on the bottom.

But they'll cost you a whopping, wait for it... £190 ??

That's small change compared to the cost of Louboutins for adults. Those high-heeled must-haves cost well over £400. Sometimes, price tags even reach the £1000s.

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We're a little torn here, it has to be said. On the one hand, baby feet grow really quickly, and we don't know how many occasions we'd have where we'd need such undeniably gorgeous baby footwear.

On the other hand, if you've got the money, these would make a lovely keepsake: a baby memento you'd treasure forever, long after your little one's outgrown them.

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Images: Christian Louboutin

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