Katie Price’s suprising pram choice for a day on the farm

We're not sure we'd want to get mud splashed on this beauty…


Katie Price has been enjoying time on the family farm this week. But of course, being the glamorous mum that she is, she chose a bit of a head-turner of a buggy for a muddy jaunt around the pig enclosure!


To be fair, 8-month-old Bunny couldn’t look happier in the traditional red Silver Cross Kensington, £1,250.

“Bunny in her Pram this morning watching us doing the animals,” Katie commented on an Instagram picture.


And the pram looked like too much fun for 20-month-old Jett to not get involved. Wearing his striped onesie with green wellies, Jett has a go at pushing the Victorian-style pram. “Jett and Bunny this morning while we were doing the animals before work,” Katie commented.

And on the other side of the camera were Katie and 7-year-old Princess cleaning out the pigs. “Me and Princess and Kieran cleaned are pigs out today,” Katie commented on the picture.

Photos: Instagram / Katie Price

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