Mike the Knight reveals Chivalrous Code to download

Help you child learn good manners (hurrah!) with this free mini wallchart


Mike The Knight, CBeebies’ medieval hero, is coming to the rescue of children’s manners. He’s launching a modern version of the age-old knightly Chivalrous Code.


With his rallying cry “Be a Knight, Do It Right” he’s encouraging a generation of children to be kind to friends, say please and thank you and always tell the truth. We think that’s got to be a great idea and we have a free download of Mike The Knight’s code and a reward chart for you to print out and stick somewhere useful plus a chivalrous activity sheet!

So what’s in the code? According to Mike’s modern-day guide, all good knights will:

  • Help people smaller than them
  • Say please and thank you
  • Listen when others talk to them
  • Be kind to their friends
  • Share, play fair and never cheat
  • Always tell the truth
  • Finish their missions and
  • Help others who have less than them

The modern code also inspires children to:

  •  Be brave and try new things
  •  Help tidy their castle whenever they can
  •  Learn to put on their knightly clothes themselves and
  •  Enjoy going on quests to castles and parks…!

Justin Pollard, historical consultant for QILes Miserables and The Tudors, advised on the accuracy of the modern  code. He says: “The idea of taking the 600-year-old chivalrous code and adapting it to inspire today’s pre-schoolers is fantastic. The original code was devised to control egocentric adults who often behaved like unruly children so the match is perfect!”

The new code comes in the nick of time, as new research shows that parents are increasingly worried about children’s manners.


The research (by Opinion Matters, which surveyed over a thousand parents with children aged 0-6) revealed that 91% of parents are concerned that chivalry is less widely practised than it used to be. More than a quarter of surveyed parents felt that the art of performing chivalrous acts and good deeds is dying out or has died out completely. A whopping 76% said they would be receptive to a modern day Chivalrous Code to help promote good behaviour and courtesy amongst the young.

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