Missing toddler found in suitcase

Three-year-old sparks police search as she sleeps in a suitcase


A police search for missing 3-year-old Muumbe ended after the toddler was found asleep in a suitcase in her own home.


After searching his home for his daughter twice, looking in draws, cupboards and under beds, dad Austen Hapenga understandably began to panic.

Neighbours were joined in their search of surrounding homes, gardens, streets and parks by police officers and a helicopter with thermal imaging equipment.

But two hours after raising the alarm, Muumbe was found fast asleep in a suitcase in her bedroom, totally unaware of the stir her nap had caused.

“I checked the house two or three times and I even looked in that suitcase, but she had buried herself under clothes,” said Austen, from Leicester. “I was really scared when I couldn’t find her.

Once reunited, everyone enjoyed the happy ending. “The community spirit I saw was amazing,” said Councillor Barbara Potter who joined the search. “Everyone was out and about looking in parks and gardens. The police were fantastic, too. I’m just happy she has been found safe and sound.”


Has your toddler ever scared the life out of you? Let us know your happy ending…

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