Mum made 5-year-old believe he had cancer to claim benefits

A mum gained £100,000 after convincing her son he was seriously ill for two years


MFM HQ was in shock this morning. The heartbreaking news that a perfectly healthy little boy in Gloucester was convinced by his own mum that he had cancer left us speechless. The mum-of-five pretended her son was receiving cancer treatment for two years, when he was aged between 5 and 7, reports the Metro.


Falsely claiming carer’s allowance, tax exemptions and a disability allowance, the mum, who can’t be named for legal reasons, received nearly £100,000 in fraudulent claims.

To back up her story, the mum even shaved her son’s head and eyebrows to make it look like he was undergoing chemotherapy. The boy was sent to school in a bandana and prevented from taking part in many school activities under the guise of being “too unwell”.

The mum forged doctors notes to maintain the pretence and also falsely claimed her 7-year-old daughter was ill as well, though not as seriously.

The mum is currently on trial, charged with fraud, forgery and neglect. The boy is now 9, and we really hope he’s been able to make up for some of the childhood fun he lost out on because of his mum.

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