Mum’s thought bubble drawing reveals just what’s going through her mind

We reckon this would actually be a very useful exercise


How many things are you thinking (and worrying about) right now?


Well, chances are, probably quite a lot of things – which is what this husband learned when he asked his wife to draw what’s on her mind.

The resulting diagram looks chaotic – but is probably quite an accurate representation of all the thoughts and niggles we have throughout each day.

The main thought bubbles are three things:

  1. House is dirty
  2. Paint pressure wash
  3. Organise all the things

So, we get it. The housework is really weighing heavy on her mind. As well as household chores – like painting the pressure wash (no, we don’t know what that means either).

But there’s also random thoughts like ‘DISNEY DISNEY’ cutting through all the noise.

So perhaps by seeing the diagram, her husband will know what’s really causing her most stress and can help her achieve these nagging to-dos.


But away from the usual to-do list, there are other themes that are also weighing heavy on her mind…

1. Kids

This gets a whole bubble to itself and is full of worries like lunches, clothes, and the note ‘clean?’ that we recognise all too well.


2. Food

Another bubble is circled with arrows illustrating the cycle of wanting to ‘lose weight’ but that delicious food is her downfall.

We know she definitely shouldn’t be worrying so much about this. But we really respect her honesty in saying so. Who doesn’t have thoughts like this after every bourbon biscuit?


3. Stephen

Surrounded by love hearts, on top of all this, she’s worried about loving her husband and making him happy. Aww…

If you drew a diagram like this, what would your main worries be? Let us know in the comments below.

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