Natalie Cassidy's birth date:

Natalie Cassidy, born 13 May 1983


Natalie Cassidy's children:

Eliza Beatrice Cottrell, born 21 September 2010
Joanie Elizabeth Cassidy-Humphreys, born August 2016

Natalie Cassidy's 1st pregnancy

In 2010, Natalie announced that she and then-boyfriend Adam Cottrell were expecting their 1st child together. She was 26 at the time, he was 30.

The EastEnders star, best known to the public for her role as Sonia Fowler, opened up some about her fertility concerns, after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

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“I wanted children so much, it was a worry. I came off my contraception in November [2009] but I never thought I’d get pregnant so quickly!”

She also shared that during her 1st pregnancy, she craved chicken mayo sandwiches. Don't we all... even when we're not pregnant ?

At 8 months, Natalie started to experience some of the typical aches and pains many of us experience in pregnancy.

Eliza Beatrice Cottrell

On 21 September 2010, Natalie gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who she and Adam named Eliza Beatrice.

Natalie gave birth via C-section, something she admitted she'd hoped to avoid, wishing instead to have a vaginal birth.

Though she was "on cloud nine" with her new baby, Natalie was struggling with a few health niggles post-labour - sore boobs from breastfeeding, and even ulcers in her mouth.

It's thought that Natalie took a fair bit of time off EastEnders after Eliza's birth, to become a stay at home mum.

Remember the controversial comments she made about fellow mum Denise Van Outen's return to work following her own daughter's birth?

At about 3 years old, we also saw Eliza visiting Santa with Natalie. How time flies!

At the end of 2013, when Eliza was 3 years old, mum Natalie and dad Adam called time on their relationship.

Reports - and Natalie's own comments - reveal that their relationship became physically abusive on both sides. Best for mum and little Eliza that things move on, then...

Natalie Cassidy's 2nd pregnancy

In October 2014, Natalie found love with EastEnders cameraman Marc Humphreys. In October 2015, Marc popped the question - and the pair were officially engaged!

In Feb 2016, Natalie and Marc announced on Twitter that their 1st baby together was on the way.

“Evening all... Time to let everybody know that @cameramarc and I are having a baby in the summer. The three musketeers become four," she wrote.

As Natalie's 2nd pregnancy progressed, it started to affect her role on the popular BBC soap. You see, Sonia Fowler wasn't pregnant, but it would seem that the 'Enders team had trouble keeping her bump covered up.

(The gafffe made for a few funny tweets, that's for sure!)

Joanie Elizabeth Cassidy-Humphreys

Aged 33, at the end of August 2016, Natalie gave birth to a baby girl named Joanie Elizabeth.

“@cameramarc and I introduce Joanie Elizabeth Cassidy-Humphreys... We are all so in love!” she tweeted days after the birth, alongside a rare family photo.

We haven't seen much of Joanie on social media, nor do we know much about her arrival. Natalie doesn't use Instagram, so we'll keep you posted if anything new pops up on her Twitter!

Images: Twitter/Natalie Cassidy

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