Pregnant Lisa Osbourne shares hospital selfie following car crash

Jack Osbourne's 8-months pregnant wife was forced to spend the night in hospital following the incident


Lisa Osborne, who’s 8 months pregnant, has returned home to her husband Jack and daughter Pearl after being involved in a car crash that left her hospitalised. Lisa’s car was “rear-ended” by another vehicle – and she was kept in hospital overnight as a precaution.


The 28-year-old shared a smiley selfie with her 29-year-old husband and their 3-year-old daughter – reassuring fans that both her and the baby were fine.

“Finally back at home with my crew! Thanks for all the well wishes. Baby & I are good :)” she commented.

Lisa previously shared a selfie from her hospital bed – where her bump was hooked up to a foetal monitor to check that her unborn baby was safe following the incident. 


“When some a-hole rear ends your car & you have to spend 24 hours in L&D getting monitored as standard protocol. Baby is fine, but I am losing my mind up in here!” she commented.

And it wasn’t just the baby she was worried about – Lisa was upset she missed putting her toddler to bed. “Cried on the phone with Pearl bc I wasn’t there tonight to put her to sleep.”

Lisa also shared her thoughts for those pregnant women with health issues which mean they have to be in hospital a lot before they give birth.

“Feeling so much sympathy for the women who have to be in this unit on bed rest for weeks and months due to serious complications. My heart goes out to you❤️❤️❤️.”

We’re glad Lisa’s now back home – and no doubt Pearl will be full of beans to see her. Let’s hope she got some rest in hospital…

Photos: Instagram / Lisa Osbourne

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